What is needed for class?

  • Swim Suit – We recommend one-piece bathing suits for girls and swim trunks or Speedos for boys. Rash guards are okay. No sewn-in floats allowed. No swim aids (inflatables, etc.) of any kind are allowed at any time, as they can actually be a drowning risk.
  • Goggles –  Goggles are recommended, but not required.  Goggles may be helpful in getting a child to put their face in the water and in getting them to open their eyes under water. There are a variety of goggles on sale in our pro shop and our staff will be happy to assist you with finding the proper fit for your child. Our instructors will lead some skills without the use of goggles.
  • All children over the age of 4 with long hair (touches the shoulders) must have their hair pulled back.
  • Double Layer – All children under the age of 4, even if they are potty trained, must wear two layers, one being a snug-fitting non-disposable swim diapers. No exceptions. Wearing only a disposable diaper is not allowed. These diapers do not keep a solid from entering the pool. The non-disposable diaper must pass the two finger test (if 2 fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted in the water). Non disposable Swim diapers are available for purchase through us. In addition, some students who have shown a tendency to have an accident in the pool may be required to wear special clothing for containment (youth size non-disposable swim diapers).
  • Please bring your own towels

What can I expect when I arrive for lessons?

Upon arrival, stop at the front desk and we check you in and give your student(s) a wrist band which indicates the specific location in which they will be swimming. Little Flippers has a family friendly changing area which is located at the opposite end of the viewing area on the left.  Showers are in the locker room and restrooms are available for use in the viewing area. Once you have changed for the lesson, a deck supervisor will call your class into the pool area a few minutes before class begins. Please do not let children enter the pool area until the teacher calls them. Additionally, adults in the parent participation classes should not enter the pool area until your class is called.

Is there any place for me store my belongings during lessons?

Little Flippers offers lockers and cubicles that are available in the locker room area. You are encouraged to bring your own lock. Personal items should not be left in the lockers unsecured. Please note that strollers are not allowed on the pool deck or in the hallway by the pool. We provide stroller parking outside of the locker room. Little Flippers is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All misplaced items will be kept on site for two weeks and held in the lost and found. Little Flippers is under video surveillance with security cameras located throughout the facility.


Where can I wait during my child’s swim lesson?

We have a wonderful viewing area with floor to ceiling windows. Once your child has entered the pool deck for their lesson, please sit back and relax. Little Flippers provides free wifi for all customers. The wifi password is listed up at the desk. We do not allow parents or guardians on the deck during lessons as it must remain clear at all times in case of an emergency.


Do I have to stay in the facility during my child’s lesson?

All children must be supervised by parents when not in the water. Siblings in the viewing area must be supervised as well. No child is to be left unattended in the facility. All children under the age of 2 must have an adult in the pool with them. When no lifeguard is on duty, the pool is closed for all swimming. Parents or guardians should pick up their children at the end of class. No child can be left alone in the viewing area. Students can not leave the facility alone. Little Flippers reserves the right to charge $5 per minute that a parent is late to pick up their child from class or day program.

What happens if my child must go to the bathroom?

If your child must go to the bathroom, the instructor will call over the deck supervisor to take the child to their parent to go to the bathroom. The instructor and supervisor cannot leave the deck to take them to the bathroom; a parent or guardian must be present to take them. Parents may access the pool deck bathroom, but parents may be asked to remove their shoes.


What if my child is having a difficult time, can I come on deck?

Our deck supervisors will watch for situations where your child might not be actively involved or engaged in the class. Our instructors have a lot of experience with tentative or even upset children, so it is okay to let us handle the situation, but suggestions are welcome!  If you see that your child is struggling, you can talk to the deck supervisor and maybe offer suggestions on how to engage your child (e.g. offering them their favorite toy). Sometimes it’s best to stay out of sight as not to distract your child or the rest of the class. We will work with you to ensure their experience is a positive one!


What if a guardian or caretaker is bringing my child to lessons?

If another guardian or caretaker will be bringing your child to class, please be sure that this caretaker’s contact information is in your account so we may contact them in case of emergency or facility closure.


What if my child is sick and can’t come to class?

A safe and healthy environment is important for all children. This illness policy is designed to protect the health of your child, the other children, and the staff. Please do not bring your child to swim lessons if he/she has had:

  • Diarrhea, vomiting or ear infections within 2 days
  • A fever
  • Undiagnosed sores or rash

If your child has an open sore that requires a bandage please do not allow them to swim, remove ALL band-aids before entering water. If the cut or scrape requires a bandage, the child should not swim until the wound is healed. Please inform instructors of any medical conditions such as diabetes, tubes in the ears, epilepsy, asthma or any physical or mental disabilities prior to the start of lessons. These conditions do not hinder a child from participating but may affect the way a teacher attends to each students needs.