Swim Lessons in Ultra Clean, Warm Water

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At Little Flippers Swim School, our mission is to offer the community the finest year round aquatic instruction for water safety, while promoting swim as a vehicle for movement education and an active lifestyle. Our clients are provided an exceptional team of aquatic professionals who deliver swim instruction in a positive, highly supportive, ultra clean environment.


As stated by News Medical, “Introducing children to swimming at an early age promotes parent-baby bonding, building infants’ coordination and motor skills and enhancing their well-being. And further research has found that early years swimming could even improve children’s capacity to learn mathematics.” At Little Flippers Swim School, we are strong believers in the many positive effects swimming has on your child both now and in the future.


We also understand that child safety is a parent’s number one concern. Not only do we teach safety both in and out of the water, but we do so in a truly safe, ultra clean environment. Little Flippers’ award winning instruction takes place in our two state of the art facilities located in Natick and Winchester. Both locations boast warm, ULTRA CLEAN WATER. Our water is UV sanitized with a high water turnover rate that far exceeds the Health Standard Code and is continuously monitored to be sure it remains crystal clear. Our temperature is kept at a warm 88 degrees, ensuring complete comfort while swimming. In order to maintain our superb water quality standards and prevent unnecessary pool closures, we highly encourage the use of superior quality swim diapers.


Disposable swim diapers, paired with traditional cloth swim diapers historically have been the best to effectively reduce the number of unwanted poo leaks into pools. Recently, our Little Flippers owners had the opportunity to attend the World Infant Aquatics Conference in Australia! There, they learned of the success of a new, multi-award winning product in swim diapering, The Happy Nappy. To our delight, The Happy Nappy’s leak protection is proven to be significantly more effective. The snug fitting neoprene design covers all of baby’s bottom nice and tightly, the soft ribs made from a nylon, Lycra mix are designed to grip around the tummy and thigh to hold the nappy (diaper) in place even on the wiggliest toddler. This neoprene and lycra rib combination is now the safest way to protect from poo leaks, giving parents time to remove the baby from the water to ensure no contamination. Little Flippers is excited to offer this new, innovative, product in our Pro Shop!

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Check out this informative video to learn more about the Happy Nappy!


Another new product by the same company, Splash About, is the Splash Jammer. This new look is designed to work in the same way as the Happy Nappy! Ask us more about his brand new product in our Pro Shop.

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Check out this informative video to learn more about the Splash Jammer.