The Importance Of Winter Swim Lessons

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Local swim lessons are usually top of mind as the summer approaches and you know your kiddos will be running around town pools and the beach. What you might not realize is that swimming year round is the most beneficial to truly master swim skills and swim safety. So, as we brace for another New England winter, be sure your child is registered at Little Flippers Swim School. We swim year round and you’ll want your little one to as well!


Life Skills:

Knowing how to swim and the importance of water safety,  is more than just an activity, it’s a lifelong skill. When a child takes a seasonal break from their swim lessons, the successful learning pattern of repetition is broken. Not only could your child lose some of their swim skills and knowledge, their confidence in the water could take a step backwards as well. Keeping your child in swim lessons year round helps ensure their muscular strength, physical endurance and water safety skills are in tact year round. This could be especially handy during that trip to Florida for the holidays!


Little Flippers Swim School specializes in swimming instruction using The Four Pillars of Swimming™, a progressive curriculum that emphasizes correct technique and general water safety. Developed using guidelines established by The United States Swim School Association, each lesson incorporates appropriate activities that enable children to build character, accept challenges, and develop confidence.


Winter Time Blues:

As New Englanders, we all occasionally suffer from those winter time blues. The days are short, the air is cold and a warm blanket is probably more on your mind than a pool. For children, winter can be a tough transition from consistent outdoor play and having a schedule full of activities to perhaps a less active lifestyle. A great way to keep your child energized, healthy and happy is to keep them active. Children who are active are less likely to become overweight, have a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, will have healthier blood pressure and cholesterol levels and have a more positive outlook. Healthy exercise is also known to help kids sleep better! I’m sure all parents can get on board with those benefits. A great way for your child to stay active all winter long is to continue with their weekly swim lessons.


We know what you might be thinking, how about the cold weather? No worries, at Little Flippers Swim School we have you covered!


Temperature Controlled Facility:

Even as the snow is falling, our temperature controlled facility is ready for your kiddo to jump right in. Little Flippers boasts 90 degree, ultra clean, UV sanitized pool water and temperature controlled superior air quality year round. We also offer clean showers to rinse off, changing rooms to bundle up and dryers to get that hair dry before heading outdoors.


Have fun with us at Little Flippers:

Little Flippers Swim School is proud to offer award winning swim instruction and life saving water safety education for children ages 3 months and up. Reach out today to register at a location near you!