Why You Should Learn To Swim At Little Flippers Swim School

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As a parent, the choices for kid’s activities and lessons are endless and children’s swim lessons are certainly no exception. So why choose Little Flippers Swim School? Little Flippers offers a comprehensive program that encourages “Lifelong, Safety, Fitness and Fun”! We also boast state of the art, year round facilities that many other swimming classes simply do not offer. Keep reading to see what puts Little Flippers Swim School a stroke above the rest!


Award Winning Program:

Little Flippers Swim School was awarded the prestigious Best Of Boston Award for Kid’s Swim Lessons by Boston Magazine. This award truly recognizes the success of our outstanding curriculum, adult only certified instructors and state of the art facility. It also is a great testament to all the satisfied clients who are now part of our Little Flippers family.


Temperature Controlled Water and Facility:

We may be used to cold temperatures and cold water in New England, but not here at Little Flippers. We enjoy 90 degree, ultra clean, UV sanitized water and temperature controlled superior quality pool air to ensure there is no shivering for our sensational swimmers! We also offer clean showers to rinse off, changing rooms and infant/toddler changing stations, as well as lockers and cubbies to safely store your belongings. Our parent viewing area provides a comfortable seating set up with floor to ceiling views of our entire pool, plus areas for siblings to play!



We specialize in swimming instruction using The Four Pillars of Swimming™ progressive curriculum that emphasizes correct technique and general water safety. Developed using guidelines established by The United States Swim School Association, each lesson incorporates appropriate activities that enable children to build character, accept challenges, and develop confidence.

  1. Breath Control- From independant submersion for our littlest swimmers, to refining the surface dives of our more advanced students, teaching the importance of breath control is a top priority at Little Flippers Swim School.
  2. Buoyancy & Balance- Learning to float on both the front and back as well as teaching independent gliding techniques is a focus in each level of our program.
  3. Movement- Teaching independent kicking with the use of equipment for our beginner swimmers builds to refining and perfecting swim strokes used at the olympic level for our advanced swim classes. These are just some of our movement goals at Little Flippers Swim School.
  4. Safety Skills- An emphasis on swim safety starts on day one. We teach students of all ages the fundamentals of swim safety. Each class reinforces concepts such as returning to the wall after an unexpected fall into the pool.


Safety First:

Swim safety is our top priority at Little Flippers Swim School. Our curriculum teaches swim safety skills during every swim lesson and level. From safely entering and exiting the water, the importance of rolling over onto your back, to the endurance and technique needed to tread water. Swim safety at Little Flippers Swim School is second to none. 



At Little Flippers Swim School we pride ourselves on offering classes and lessons for children of all learning levels between the ages of 3 months to 12 years.



We have two Little Flippers locations in Massachusetts, Natick and Winchester. Both facilities follow the same award winning curriculum and standards.

  • Classes- We offer weekly classes, private lessons, birthday parties and our ever popular day programs!
  • Day Programs- Both locations offer amazing Day Programs during school holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Winter Break and more! These Day Programs are fill up quickly, so head over to the Natick Page and the Winchester Page to sign up and learn more!


Little Flippers Swim School is proud to offer award winning swim instruction and life saving water safety education for children ages 3 months and up. Reach out today to register at a location near you!